Thursday, August 30, 2007

Hack Windows XP Admin Passwords

How to Hack Windows XP Admin Passwords.

This hack will only work if the person who installed the machine had miss to change the default password (which most peoplr always does).

This is how it works:
When we install Windows XP for the first time your asked to put in your username and up to five others. Now, unknownst to a lot of other people this is the only place in Windows XP that you can password the default Administrator Diagnostic Account.

This means that to by pass most administrators accounts on Windows XP all you have to do is boot to safe mode by pressing F8 during boot up and choosing it. Log into the Administrator Account and create your own or change the password on the current Account.

This only works if the user on setup specified a password for the Administrator Account. This has worked for me on both Windows XP Home and Pro.


Anonymous said...

This solution is stupid!!!

rAmBo aRuN said...

Yeah..I know...Most people wont be stupid enough to leave the p/w default unset...

Anonymous said...

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