Thursday, August 16, 2007

Independence day of a software engineer.

Yesterday i celebrated 60 years of my country's independence. Don't ask me how i celebrated it. I did that in my own way. Anyway i am proud that i can still feel the rush of blood when i hear my national anthem unlike many others. The celebrations in Bangalore was great as always . But for a software engineer it will be always forwards and sms that make the occasion fall into a jump start.

SMS were bit less this time. may be because working hard made me fall into a communication gap with my friends. I still remember my college days when i used to send sms 2 all my Friend (or even every one in my address book) and i got hundreds of sms also. Now those days are gone. Money is plenty now but spending it pains unlike the days i was spending on my pocket money, which was lavish (thanks dad!). Most of the phone calls these days are to the mobile of my girl friend and my parents (and official calls.).

By the way i did my first on-site call day before yesterday. May be an irony. on the day before the independence day i was feeling proud that i was in a conference call with foreigners. :)
still it is not that bad. They need the help of an Indian (me) to prosper. By serving them for money i am serving my country also to prosper (i like to think it that way ) :)

She was very sick yesterday also. But still didn't forget to give her my treat for getting my first spot award. :) Her fever was still raging when i left her today noon. Poor girl. A half day was all i could do. Anyway she wll be in her flight to home in air Deccan in about 2 hours. Wow...economy airways ki jai!!!!!!!!

Anyway me again going back to work.Has to fill the e-docket as i will be celebrating my 1st anniversary of joining infosys on 21st...



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